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Helping You Look & Feel Your Best Through Every Phase of Your Life

Do you have aesthetic and wellness issues you would like treated? Would you like to be treated by professionals who know precisely what they are doing and give the best treatments? You can have exactly this experience with Dr. John Laura and his team.

Located in Newport Beach, California, Dr. John Laura and the team can help enhance your overall quality of life by helping you achieve your aesthetic and wellness goals. We strive to provide our clients with nothing short of the best service. Our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the latest tools in the industry, will undoubtedly impress you. We provide cosmetic dermatology you can count on.

Everything Cosmetic

What makes us the ideal practice for you to meet your wellness and cosmetic needs is that we have a team of trained and experienced professionals in our facility.

Dr. Laura and the rest of his team, including Christina Senteno, our in-house cosmetic nurse specialist, Manon Laura, our patient care specialist, and Susanne Arnold, our medical aesthetician, will take care of everything to help you reach your cosmetic goals. We strive to give you the absolute best results in regenerative medicine and cosmetic skin care.


We Are All About Anti-Aging

Like many, you may have turned to products such as anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams to help you get rid of these unwelcome signs of aging. However, the problem with these is that they don’t have the same effects on everyone, and frequently, they fail to provide the desired results.

Dr. John Laura understands how the effects of time on your body can be hard to deal with. If you have either wrinkles or fine lines on your body, or loss of volume in your facial features, we understand how these can affect your physical appearance, and in turn, your self-esteem and confidence.


Why Choose Regenerative Medicine?

Death is a part of life. We lose our loved ones to accidents or disease. But what is worse is living in pain and being unable to do anything but hope for a miracle. When you or your loved one lose an organ or tissue to an injury or disease, you are motivated to find a solution to this problem. Regenerative medicine does just that.

Dr. John Laura has several years of experience in regenerative medicine. You can consult with him to check if there is a regenerative medicine procedure suitable for your condition. He will be more than glad to be of service. Find out more about regenerative medicine today!


Medical Treatments At Their Best

Precision is of the utmost importance during medical treatments, therefore we recommended to visit an experienced doctor such as Dr. John Laura.

There is no limit to the types of diseases that can be treated using medical therapies. Dr. John Laura has several years of experience in this field, and he will be able to help you. Book an appointment with him if you are looking for medical treatments or even if you have concerns regarding medical therapy and your health.


Our bodies have the unique ability to heal themselves. Cosmetic Anti-Aging Treatments & Regenerative Medicine can restore your health & beauty, simultaneously, making you the best version of you."

Our Wide Array of Aesthetic, Health & Wellness Services

At Dr. John Laura’s office, we always strive to improve our clients’ experiences and make sure they are satisfied with our services. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to provide a holistic and comprehensive range of aesthetic, wellness, and health services using state-of-the-art equipment and tools.

Our services include Botox, CoolSculpting, cosmetics and anti-aging, medical aesthetics, sports medicine, peak performance, sexual wellness, hair restoration and removal, neurological and autoimmune treatments, and cardiac and pulmonary treatments. Dr. Laura and the team are committed to making the best use of everything available in order to provide you with the best possible care and services.

He is the best at anti-aging. He makes me so comfortable and I trust every recommendation. I just had my 3rd PRP treatment, and my skin is completely rejuvenated, tight and glowing! He is simply the best at what he does!

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When the gym fails stubborn fat, I turn to…

As the population grows more and more conscious of health and fitness, more methods to achieve healthier, more fit and aesthetically appealing bodies are on the rise. While products such as slim teas and supplements, as well as lifestyle changes like following a certain diet and sticking to a strict exercise routine can be helpful, they may not always be sufficient for everyone.

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