A crash course on penis enhancement procedures

Just about every man at some point in his life wonders what it would like to have a larger penis.

Unfortunately, marketers and opportunists looking to make a profit off of that desire are everywhere and most of them have muddied the waters as to what is factual and what is hype regarding your penile size.

The Two Categories of Penis Enhancement

Generally, the topic of penis enhancement is broken into 2 categories:

  1. Girth enlargement
  2. Penis lengthening

While there is some overlap depending on how you define “lengthening”, most approaches are primarily focused on one or the other.

Girth Enlargement

Girth enlargement is the focus on making the thickness (circumference) of the penis larger.

Most men who are interested in enhancing their girth are concerned with their ability to increase sexual pleasure for their partner. At the same time, girth enhancement can have the marked effect of causing flaccid length to appear longer. So, although it may seem counter intuitive, those who are concerned about flaccid appearance may want to look into girth enhancement.

Best Known Methods of Girth Enlargement

Biodegradable scaffolds, surgical procedure

How it works:
Biodegradable scaffolds provide a structure for cellular ingrowth and regeneration within the penis. These scaffolds are made from materials compatible with human tissue, like polycaprolactone or collagen, and are designed to degrade over time. The implantation procedure involves inserting the scaffold into the penile shaft. This is usually done through a small incision under local or general anesthesia, depending on the extent of the enhancement and the patient’s overall health. The scaffold is then positioned within the subcutaneous layers of the penis, where it serves as a lattice for new tissue growth. This is followed by a period of several months during which new tissue grows into and replaces the scaffold, gradually enhancing girth. This method’s advantage is its natural integration with the body and minimized risk of rejection or adverse reactions.

The effects from biodegradable scaffolds are generally considered permanent. Patients should expect to need to limit physical activity for a few weeks after the procedure and wait 6 weeks or more prior to sexual activity.

Fat grafting (fat transfer phalloplasty or fat injections)

How it works:
Fat grafting involves extracting adipose tissue via liposuction, processing it, and re-injecting it into the penile shaft. This method aims to increase girth by adding volume through fat, which integrates with existing tissues. The primary risks include potential asymmetry and unwanted texture. Recovery includes managing swelling and ensuring even shaping while the fat stabilizes. The results of this procedure typically do not last more than about a year. Fat grafting is generally considered more successful than fat injections with averages falling between 2.5 and 5.1 CM increases after 12 months.

Some recipients of this technique have complained that the consistency of fat is too soft compared to the feel of a normal erection. Other issues have been noted in the difficulty involved in achieving consistency and avoiding lumpiness when using fat injection techniques.

Polylactic Acid Injections

How it works:
Polylactic acid (PLA) injections act as a biostimulator, inducing collagen production around the injection sites. Over time, this increases tissue volume and girth. The gradual buildup of collagen can lead to more natural-feeling results, but it may require multiple sessions to achieve the desired effect, and the results are not permanent.

Hyaluronic Acid Filler Injections

How it works:
Hyaluronic acid fillers provide temporary girth enhancement by injecting a gel-like substance into the penile tissue. This method offers immediate results, which are reversible if necessary by injecting an enzyme that dissolves the filler. The primary benefit is the control it offers over the final result, though the effects typically last 12 to 24 months before needing top-up injections.

Best Known Methods of Penis Lengthening

Surgical option: Suspensory Ligament Division (Ligamentolysis)

How it works:
Ligamentolysis involves severing the suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone, allowing it to extend outward and appear longer. The postoperative recovery can be lengthy and may require the use of stretching devices or weights to prevent ligament reattachment and optimize results.

Surgical option: Elongating Circular Corporoplasty

How it works:
This procedure modifies the deep fascial structures of the penis, allowing more of the internal penis to extend outward. It’s particularly complex and requires meticulous surgical skill to avoid damaging penile function but can provide significant length gains. This procedure is the most invasive and risky. The penis is almost completely disassembled during the surgery. This procedure should typically be reserved for severe cases such as “micropenis” conditions.

Surgical option: Escutcheonectomy

How it works:
Escutcheonectomy, often combined with ligamentolysis, involves removing excess pubic fat that can hide part of the penile shaft. This cosmetic procedure can enhance the visible length of the penis and improve the overall aesthetic appearance. This procedure addresses what’s commonly referred to as “hidden penis”. An non-invasive approach to this is to use CoolSculpting to reduce the fat pad. The results are much more subtle but may be more appropriate for some.

Non-surgical option: Traction devices

How it works:
Traction devices are worn over the penis for extended periods to stimulate tissue growth through mechanical stretching. This method requires consistent use for several months for hours every day to be effective and can be used both as a standalone treatment and post-operatively to enhance the results of surgical lengthening.

Other Penis Enhancement Techniques

Penuma Surgical Implant

How it works:
The Penuma implant is a silicone sleeve inserted under the skin of the penis to add both length and girth. As a reversible procedure, it allows for adjustments post-implantation but requires careful consideration of potential risks, such as infection or implant displacement.

Penis Enhancement Products – Lot’s of money spent, no results

Advertisements for oral remedies that claim to increase penis size are endless. However, there are no medications – natural or pharmaceutical which can affect the size of the penis either in terms of girth or length. Certainly, concerns about erectile dysfunction can be addressed with medications and other treatments not covered in this article. But unfortunately not size, neither flaccid nor erect.

Penis enhancement techniques - man contemplating which treatment type is right for his penile enlargement