To our valued HRT program members:

We want to thank you for participating in our HRT program.  You are an important part of our practice, and it is a privilege to provide you individualized medical care.


To continue providing the best care and more benefits to you, we are making some very exciting changes to our current program.  One of those changes includes adding Katherine MacBarron, PA-C to our clinical team.   Katherine has been in practice under some of the most esteemed plastic surgeons in Orange County over the last several years and specializes in surgical aesthetics and HRT.  She is well-versed in HRT/TRT for both men and women and will be a great additional resource for our patients.  Between Dr. Laura and Katherine, we will be able to provide more timely and detailed visits, treatment plans and follow up. 


Effective 1/1/24, we will be offering an updated option to work with your needs:  The new HRT program is a commitment of 1 year and you will find pricing and offerings below:


Program Fee:


Medication costs:

Varied; based on individual treatment plans

30-minute telemedicine visits

3-4 a year

Lab requirements

2X/year, at minimum, unless further testing is needed

Prescription privileges

Refills every 60-days with prior pricing approval from patients (excludes any medication outside of HRT program)

Program questions: 

Available via call or text M-F, 9a-5p


We only work with trusted, 3rd party verified compounding pharmacies.  We kindly ask for your understanding with any possible prescription delays, as they do occur from time to time.  We will do our best to relay that information to you in real time.  We also ask for your ongoing communication with correct shipping addresses and appropriate delivery requests.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen medications.


We look forward to continuing your care with our expanding team of experts.  




John Laura, D.O.