Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal - Newport Beach, with Dr. John Laura

Professional permanent hair removal has advanced in the last couple of decades. At Dr. John Laura’s clinic, you’ll enjoy the most advanced hybrid technology for more thorough hair removal with fewer sessions on a wider variety of skin types. 

If you are tired of the seemingly never-ending routines and rituals of temporary hair removal—waxing, shaving or threading— laser hair removal might be just the solution for you.

Motif by elōs Plus – Smooth Skin, Permanently

Our FDA-approved elōs Plus Motif system is the gold standard for treating unwanted superficial hair. This device uses a precise combination of bipolar radiofrequency (RF) and optical energy to directly target the hair follicles safely and effectively treating all hair and skin types. elōs Plus is a revolutionary diode laser platform that is able to deliver results both quickly and precisely. Engineered for safety and ease, elōs Plus is able to use less optical energy when specifically combined with bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to improve safety when treating all skin types. With the elōs Plus, patients are able to experience deeper dermal penetration to destroy unwanted hair follicles, while providing selectivity for each patient’s specific needs.

A full treatment cycle can permanently reduce hair up to 70% in treated areas. 

The number and duration of sessions required to achieve the results you want depends on several factors, including the color of the hair, its level of contrast with your skin tone, and its thickness. While this treatment doesnt damage the skin, a level of discomfort is to be expected.

Typically, initial results can be seen after as few as two laser treatments, while lasting results can be achieved in five to eight treatments. To accommodate your natural hair growth cycle, an interval of four to eight weeks is required between sessions. 

Since you will need to avoid sun exposure for a few days after each session, we recommend planning a treatment cycle for a period with limited travel and other outdoor activities. For best results, please stop any temporary hair removal methods that affect the hair follicle, such as plucking or waxing, for six weeks before treatment begins.

If you are wondering whether your skin and hair type are suitable for a laser hair removal treatment, feel free to schedule a personalized consultation with us. Together, we will discuss your options and design a safe and effective treatment plan.


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