Medical Concierge Program

Executive Medical Concierge Program in Orange County with Dr. John Laura

Never be in need of medical attention ever again.
With our general medicine concierge plan, you can be sure we have your health covered.

We Provide More Than Just Healthcare

Healthcare can be complex; and when it comes to your health, you can’t leave it to chance. Good health can be maintained when you have the right guidance from the right practitioners. But finding a practitioner whom you can trust your health with is not always easy. At our clinic, you will get more than a health check. You get the support, privacy, and support that you need not only through the bad times but also through the good.

Healthcare does not begin and end with treating a disease or an ailment. Several aspects are surrounding a sick person that a healthcare practitioner must take into consideration when treating the sickness. Sickness can be a lot of things apart from just making one feel uncomfortable. Some patients need psychological healing as well as empathy. Unfortunately, today’s healthcare system is too busy and crowded for doctors to provide their patients with anything more than a treatment plan or a quick perscription. That’s where we come in. We provide you with healthcare that is based on genuinely understanding your needs. 


Explore our Services section. Not sure what’s right for you? Schedule a consultation and we’ll work with you to create a customized care plan.

Your Truly Personal Doctor & Medical Guide

When you partner with us, you will get a dedicated health partner who can address all your health concerns. Your doctor will work with you to understand your history, any medical concerns you have, and provide you with the treatment most suitable for you.

No matter where you are or what time of the day or night it is, your doctor will be available to help you. Our concierge service will also ensure that you don’t have to disrupt your busy schedule whenever you need to see your doctor.

Get prescriptions written out for you when you are out of town and have left your medications back home.

Our doctors will take the care to supervise and coordinate any subspecialty care you might require.

Experience kindness, attention, and excellent care from doctors who take the time to visit you in the ER if you are ever there, or even take the time from their schedules to make a house call when you are sick.

Everyone needs comfort and security during sickness, and that is what we hope to provide you with. We care about you and we care about your health, and we make it a priority to ensure that you get the best and timely general medicine services to ensure you get to stay healthy and active.

Together, We Will Ensure That Your Health Goals are Achieved.

When you partner with us, you will get a comprehensive wellness plan completely customized to your health and requirements.

Our general medicine concierge will provide all the right tools you need to make informed decisions about your health. Together with your doctor, you can work out a plan to get you back to a healthier version of yourself.

We can help you become a better version of yourself through optimized hormones and micronutrients for increased stamina and strength, improved mood, and improved sexual wellness.

Get routine checkups and have direct contact with your personal doctor so that you can resolve any health problems on time.

Why go to an overworked doctor, who can give you a couple of minutes every session, when you can have an expert doctor give you the personal attention and time you deserve? We will manage all the aspects of your health – right from scheduling visits, finding specialists, and ensuring you get the best treatment.