To Our Valued Executives:

We want to thank you for participating in our exclusive membership program.  You are an important part of our practice and it is a privilege to provide you individualized medical care.   

As a practice, membership pricing has remained unchanged for close to a decade.  To continue providing the best care and more benefits to you, we are making some changes to our current membership program.  One of those changes includes adding Katherine MacBarron, PA-C to our clinical team.   Katherine has been in practice under some of the most esteemed plastic surgeons in Orange County over the last several years and specializes in surgical aesthetics and HRT.  She is well-versed in HRT/TRT for both men and women and will be a great additional resource for our patients.  Between Dr. Laura and Katherine, we will be able to provide more timely and detailed visits, treatment plans and follow up.  

Effective 2/1/24, we will be offering 2 membership options instead of the single option currently offered.  

The new membership pricing and offerings are as follows:

Executive Platinum Executive
Pricing $500/Mo $1,000/Mo
30 min medical phone/office visits (during office hours) 6 visits/year 12 visits/year
Emergency phone visits/prescription support (after hours) 1 phone or text visit/month 4 phone or text visits/month
Cosmetic Consultation 1 visit/year at no charge 2 visits/year at no charge
Lab work/ ordering and interpreting Yes; EXCLUDES HRT program Yes, includes HRT program
Wellness Benefits 1 complimentary IV/quarter 6 complimentary IV’s/year
VIP scheduling --- Priority scheduling on select days each month (2-hour time slot)

In addition to the offerings above, our members will be the first to receive a “sneak peek” of new treatment offerings, as well as member-exclusive promotions.  

We ask that you notify us of your decision to opt in or out of our membership program by emailing your preference to [email protected] by 1/15/24.  We appreciate the opportunity to provide excellent care to you and look forward to our continued partnership.

*Please note that the membership program is exclusive to those who hold membership privileges and may not be extended to non-members.