Facial Treatments

With Dr. John Laura’s clinic, you can be sure to get the right combination of treatments perfectly tailored just for you. Our non-invasive facial treatments bring out the light and beauty in your face, all the while enhancing its youthfulness and natural glow. 

Facial treatments - Newport Beach, with Dr. John Laura


The ever-popular, highly effective yet never damaging facial using micro-jets of water vacuum, and customized serums. Learn more about Hydrafacial.


With our professional equipment, we gently yet thoroughly exfoliate the outermost layer of your delicate facial skin. Each session only takes 15-30 minutes to complete and leaves you with a smooth and radiant feel.

Rejuvenize Peel™

The powerful Rejuvenize Peel™ by SkinMedica® supports skin revitalization, evening out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as sun damage, discoloration and textural roughness. Expect to see a noticeable improvement after just one session, and lasting effects after three to six.

Microcurrent Facial

Energize your facial muscles for more definition and a plump, collagen-boosted appearance. This virtually painless treatment relies on a gentle, low-voltage electric current delivered to the muscles of the face, resulting in a noticeably rejuvenated appearance and achievable in just minutes.

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen is key for cell vitality and renewal. By oxygenating the facial skin, we can boost collagen production, encourage the active ingredients in our serums to sink even deeper into the skin, and leave you with a bright and healthful glow.

LED Red Light Facial

By relying on the longer wavelengths of red light, this facial can reach the deeper layers of your skin to support regeneration and stimulate collagen production. Its anti-aging properties leave your face feeling supple and youthful. This treatment is safe for most if not all skin types.

LED or Dermaplane Add-on

Finish off your personalized facial treatment with one of our add-ons: Stimulate the deepest layers off your skin with a rejuvenating LED light therapy session, or embrace smooth and even skin with an additional dermaplaning treatment—a gentle, yet highly effective manual exfoliation.

Would you like to know which combination of treatments suit your skin and beauty goals best? Then schedule a personalized consultation with our team—we are looking forward to advising you in person.

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Dr. John Laura and his team take extreme pride in providing patients with the best experience in Orange County. We can’t wait to help you customize the perfect treatment plan just for you.