Give your skin the attention it deserves. We help professionally diagnose and treat any blemishes and abnormalities on your skin, such as moles or lipoma.

Mole removal - Newport Beach, with Dr. John Laura

Dr. John Laura brings over 20 years of surgical experience to the orange county area, providing a range of surgical procedures for the skin aimed at keeping the largest organ of your body healthy and looking its best. 

We know that when it comes to skin health, you have choices. Dr. John Laura has been practicing dermatological surgical proceduresin the Orange County area for over 20 years. Thats why hundreds of patients trust in his expertise to diagnose and treat common dermatological concerns. If you have any concerns about a strange mole, changes in skin texture or aberrations, it’s critical to have these looked at by a professional as soon as possible. Early diagnosis can save lives and allay anxieties. We invite you to address any skin health concerns with our clinic. 

Our general dermatological services include:

  • Mole checks. Due to genetic predisposition, sun exposure and an active lifestyle, moles are near unavoidable. Give yourself peace of mind and identify any abnormalities early by getting your moles professionally and comprehensively checked.
  • Punch biopsy. Should visual checks identify any skin changes that are cause for concern, a punch biopsy can analyze and diagnose the reason behind it, whether it is harmless or requires a course of action.
  • Mole removal. Moles are not just an aesthetic concern. If they are positioned where they cause chafing or other irritation, or might show malignant growth in the future, we provide a safe and scarless surgical removal.
  • Lipoma removal. Though they are relatively harmless, these aberrant growths of fat cell between the skin and muscle layers can cause physical discomfort. They can be easily removed through surgical intervention or a small liposuction.
  • Cyro removal. For small moles or other unwanted skin aberrations, cyrotherapeutic removal is a painless and efficient option.

Please note that we do not currently offer any surgical procedures on a purely cosmetic basis, such as facelifts, rhinoplasty or cosmetic liposuction. 

For a thorough checkup and in-depth consultation, please contact us to schedule your introductory session with Dr. John Laura.

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Dr. John Laura and his team take extreme pride in providing patients with the best experience in Orange County. We can’t wait to help you customize the perfect treatment plan just for you.