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Dr. John Laura’s clinic is the area’s premier provider of face and body lifting treatments using thread lift artistry that can produce profound effects. Get Results of a facelift or body-lift without the stress of surgery – PDO thread lifts strengthen your facial & body contours and smooth out lines with a 100% natural outcome and minimal recovery.

Thread lifts are the closest thing to a facelift or lift for a body area without surgery.

Dr. John Laura invites you to experience the dramatic age reversing results that previously, only a surgical procedure could offer. Our clinic’s artistry and experience in Thread Lift and non-surgical lift approaches are why our patients trust us to achieve the youth-restoring results they want.

Thread Lift Facelifts

Thread Lift treatments are very versatile and are completely customizable. They can also be done in conjunction with dermal fillers on the same visit to address areas that could benefit from a less hollow look and compliment the thread lift. Dr. John Laura’s clinic will help you to find just the right balance for a natural, youthful effect.

Thread lift is the foundation for our ability to perform non-surgical face lifts. We can combine thread lift with strategic use of filler and Botox along with laser based skin resurfacing treatments for fine lines and uneven pigment. We can enhance the jawline, reduce double chins and unflattering jowls, and tighten and lift the neck.

Combining thread lift with our other capabilities opens up a world of age-defying possibilities for you all without a single surgical procedure.

Thread Lifts for the Neck

For many patients, the neck can be even more prone to show aging signs than the face. The neck region is a perfect example of how skin in an exposed area loses elasticity and smoothness, suffering from textural changes with wrinkled blotchy, loose, sagging skin; increase in neck volume with platysmal bands and Venus rings; and/or blunting of the cervicomental angle.

Thread lifts can have a marked and dramatic effect on the neck. In addition, we can combine complimentary treatments to bring out a more youthful jawline or reduce fat in a double chin prior to the neck lift.

Thread Lifts for the Nose

Not everyone needs rhinoplasty to change the shape of the nose. For subtle to moderate shape changes, thread lift can be very effective. Enhancing the shape of the nose using thread lift is becoming more and more popular as advanced thread techniques have evolved. Using a combination of thread lift with filler, the spine of the nose can be lengthened, a downward pointing tip can be lifted and the length of the nose straightened.

Recent Results

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What is a thread lift?

A thread lift involves using needles to insert threads under the skin in various lattice structures which can pull and / or support sagging areas.

PDO threads, short for polydioxanone, were originally used in surgical sutures due to their biodegradable properties. Essentially consisting of sugars, these threads dissolve over time, making them a valuable tool for safe, minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments. They are carefully placed under your skin in targeted areas, toning and tightening the tissue as they lift and contour your features. As the threads dissolve over time, the body generates more collagen where the sutures were thereby naturally increasing volume and support, even after the threads have fully dissolved.

The treatment usually takes about an hour, and most who undergo this treatment are back at work and back to their routines by the very next day.

In 2018, a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal confirmed that sagging tissue was instantly and visibly improved after treatment with PDO threads. The structure of the threads provides the initial lift, and as the threads dissolve over time, they boost collagen production in the subcutaneous layer, making results last 6-12 months on average.

Common Areas for Thread Lifts

Brow Lift: A perfect solution if you are looking to rejuvenate your entire upper face and smooth out fine lines on the forehead.

“Fox-eye” Lift: Sometimes also referred to as “cat eye” lifts, threads can be used to pull the corners of the eyes out and up for a sharper, foxlike look that can compliment the face dramatically.

Mini Brow Lift: If you want to elevate your brow line and bring out the natural beauty of your eyes, a mini brow thread lift might be for you.

Mid-Face: Address sagging tissue around your mid-face for a natural result.

Nose: Thread lifts can affect dramatic changes in the shape of the nose yielding a profound change to your overall look, all without the need for drastic surgical procedures. A downward pointing tip can be lifted, and the length of the nose can be straightened among other common nose enhancements using threads and fillers.

Nasolabial Folds: Smooth out even deep lines around your nose and mouth.

Upper Lip: Treat yourself to a full and youthful lip line without any fillers or injections.

Jowls: One of the most popular applications of a thread lift, the treatment can instantly lift, tone and define your lower face.

Neck Lift: While avoiding complicated and costly surgery, the PDO can gently rejuvenate any sagging or sinking skin.

Decollete: Often neglected and damaged by sun exposure, your neckline can be instantly transformed with this threading treatment.

Elbows and knees: The mobility and movement required around large joints like the elbows and knees can cause a sagging effect as skin ages – threading instantly counteracts this effect, lifting and firming overstretched skin for naturally youthful legs and arms.

Upper Arms: Tighten and tone any loose tissue for a distinctly rejuvenated contour.

Body Lift: Many parts of your body can be lifted including the tummy, thighs or buttocks.

People who want to avoid surgical procedures and wish to postpone the onset of facial aging may benefit from the thread lift treatment. In general, the therapy is suitable for anybody seeking to increase the suppleness and texture of loose skin, including neck skin. It’s particularly good for individuals with mild to moderate jowls in the lower third of their face.

In general, men and women who have mild to moderate sagginess, wrinkles, and lines in the forehead, face, and/or neck are typically good candidates. Thread lift is also effective for body contouring patients.

The patient must be in good general health as well as have reasonable expectations of the treatment. This procedure is most suitable for people who want to enhance their appearance in a non-surgical manner. While the results can be dramatic, thread lift is not a substitute for all surgical lift procedures. Cases in which thread lifts are contraindicated are rare, however, the doctor will be able to advise you in such cases.

The treatment time depends on how extensive the thread lift is for your goal. Generally, plan on a 1 to 2 hour window. Also plan to avoid alcohol and blood thinners for at least 1-2 days before treatment to ensure the best results.

The pain after a procedure is usually minor and can often be treated with acetaminophen/ibuprofen. To reduce mild swelling and bruising, arnica cream or ice may be used.

There will be some swelling, redness and possible bruising after your procedure. These sensations are normal because a foreign substance was inserted through the tissue to tighten it. As the tissue heals, the swelling and sensations will subside.

The physical lift will show immediate results, but collagen can take 2-3 months to fully develop. Your thread lift will be complete in two weeks.

Your doctor will advise you on the best activities to avoid while your tissue heals. For example, we suggest that you refrain from vigorous exercise or facial massages. We recommend that you take care of the tissue for at least a week, and then you can return to your normal (non-vigorous), activities. Do not use anything that could pull or dislodge threads. They will eventually embed in your tissue.

Some patients are more prone to bruising than others. If you have an event planned, we recommend you allow several days for healing prior to your event.

Yes! We’re all about creating the best treatment plan just for you. Some of our best results typically are achieved by combining our other treatment types such as lasers or dermal fillers, to restore a natural, more youthful appearance. This is especially true in the lower face, where a thread lift can be combined with injectable fillers for an enhanced anti-aging result. Thread lift can also be combined with neurotoxin in most cases to further improve dynamic lines.

The lasting effects depend on several factors and vary from patient to patient. Most thread lifts will last about 18 months or more.

While the threads are underneath the skin, your body produces new collagen in the treatment area. Eventually, the threads will dissolve after about six months, but the revitalized effects can last longer with proper maintenance and care.

For best results, we recommend coming back to see us for a follow-up appointment between 4 to 6 months so that we can evaluate advise you on a maintenance regimen.


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