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Penis Enhancement and Girth Enlargement in Orange County

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Increase girth and flaccid length with the safety and efficacy of dermal fillers.

Penile Girth Enhancement with Hyaluronic Acid Filler Injections

Penis Enlargement with Dr. John Laura is a proven, safe, and minimally invasive procedure that can increase penile girth and flaccid length using FDA approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Laura customizes this male size enhancement procedure, across all ethnicities, to complement existing features of the penile shaft and glans (head) without hindering performance—with the most noticeable effect on penile girth or circumference.

Certified PhalloFILL ® Provider

Dr. John Laura is the only area provider and among an elite few doctors nationally who are able to offer the PhalloFILL® enhancement for penis girth enlargement.

The PhalloFILL® enhancement is a proprietary combination of technique and artistry using a special hyaluronic acid filler that has been proven over the course of thousands of treatments. PhalloFILL® solves problems that have been found with other girth enhancement techniques such as lack of consistency or natural appearance. With each treatment session, you’ll enjoy visible and noticeable gains. Not only that, but PhalloFILL® treatments are highly customizable and have been shown to last for years.

We know you probably have many questions and we’re happy to answer them. We’re excited to speak with you about this elegant, natural looking, and highly successful option for penis enhancement.

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Fillers vs. Other Male Size Enhancement Procedures

The benefits of Penile Filler over other alternatives include:

  • Safe & long-lasting results
  • Highly customizable, yet reversible treatments
  • Immediate results with little to no downtime

Other experimental enhancement procedures, including fat transfer and silicone implants, have been known to create serious complications for patients. Dermal filler penile enhancement achieves natural and long-lasting results that can last up to 2 years, with the safety and track record of products that have been rigorously tested and on the market for over 20 years. Filler treatment can also be reversible, in the event a patient is not satisfied with the outcome. With his many years of experience, Dr. Laura offers corrective services for poorly administered penile enhancements obtained elsewhere.

Learn more about why we recommend HA injections over other options.

Ideal Candidates for Penile Enhancement

Penile Enhancement with dermal filler is an option for anyone seeking to increase penis girth and length due to aesthetic or genetic concerns. We do not recommend this procedure for men with chronic medical conditions.

We recommend all patients consult with their sexual partner(s) to confirm this procedure is appropriate for their sexual wellness. Please note, this procedure is not a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Why gaining a Larger Penis with PhalloFILL® is so popular

Patients who have enhanced their penis with filler report they have the same if not enhanced sensitivity and harder erections as a result of the procedure.

In some cases, Magnum condoms may not be large enough for some patients after the Penile Enhancement, in which case we have larger condom manufacturer recommendations for sexual health purposes.

No surgery, no implants, no devices. PhalloFILL® involves a series of injections spread over several sessions. But you'll be able to see results even after the first treatment.

Customizable treatments. PhalloFILL® can be customized based on your unique anatomy. Dr. John Laura can even correct some forms of shape imperfections that you may have always been self contious about.

Semi-permanent results. Our penis girth enhancement approach has been shown to last years in many cases. Not only that, but if at some point down the road you decide you want even more girth, we can add more.

Hugely Effective. It's not uncommon for our patients to see lifechanging results after just a few treatments. We routinely see increases of 1 to 1 1/2 inches of girth. The difference can be visually dramatic. Your significant other WILL notice.

Penile Enhancement Procedure & Outcome

Results are visible immediately and continue to improve over 2 weeks as minor swelling and bruising subside. Consultation and same-day treatment is available and takes approximately 1 hour. To increase patient comfort, topical and local anesthesia are used. Additional IV sedation packages are available at an additional cost.

Patients can return to normal activity immediately, but it is recommended that patients refrain from sexual activity or aggressive exercise for approximately a week.

Procedure outcome varies based on the amount and type of filler product used, but we have found that results can last up to 2 years, if not longer, with proper maintenance. Most patients return every 9-12 months for “touch-up” treatments to maintain their desired outcome.

Penile Enhancement FAQs

PhalloFILL® is recommended for long lasting and durable results.

Are these products safe?

Yes! They are FDA approved, biocompatible, and have been in use for over 20 years.

What if I’m uncircumcised?

Both circumcised and uncircumcised patients can pursue penile enhancement with injectable fillers.

How many syringes are required?

Most patients get 18 units total with a starting treatment of 4-6 as multiple visits are needed for optimum results. During your consultation, a customized treatment plan will be tailored for you.

What if I’m from out-of-town?

Patients can fly in and out the same day for their procedure if they are traveling to Southern California. The procedure can be completely immediately after your initial consult with Dr. Laura.

Are there any side-effects?

Individual results and side effects will vary based on personal anatomy. Swelling and bruising are the most common side effects during the first week. Steroid packs and other in-office interventions are available to help mitigate swelling, if desired.

Less common side effects may include discomfort, cysts, bumps, lumps, skin irregularities, filler placement migration, and tissue inflammation. Dermal filler dissolves naturally over time, but there are also procedures available that will expedite the dissolving process in the event a patient would like the outcome reversed.

Additional Penis Enhancement Treatments

  • Advanced Sedation: While numbing and local anesthetic is included, advanced IV sedation for anxious or nervous patients.
  • Reversal or Corrective Procedure: Filler can be dissolved immediately with an injectable product called Hyaluronidase.
  • Scrotox: Neurotoxins such as Botox®, can decrease excessive scrotal sweating and smooths out scrotal wrinkles to create the appearance of larger scrotum.
  • Prescription HA Topical Cream: Apply daily at night starting one month after the procedure.
  • PRP: This additional treatment can improve erectile function and sexual wellness.*
  • Shockwave Therapy Treatment: Triggers improved blood flow and tissue remodeling in the penis to improve erectile function and sexual wellness.*

*Not recommended at time of penile enhancement treatment.

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