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Platelet rich plasma treatment for hair rejuvination and restoration has proven itself to be the most effective non-surgical approach to hair regrowth and loss prevention for both men and women.

Revitalize Your Hair: PRP Treatment for Men and Women

Hair loss is more than just a cosmetic issue. It can impact your confidence and the way others view you. Activate your own body’s potential for powerful rejuvenation with a platelet-rich plasma treatment for restoring hair count.

Hair loss affects both men and women alike. The good news is that PRP for hair restoration is also effective for both male and female forms of hair loss from male pattern balding to androgenic alopecia.

Dr. John Laura is at the forefront of hair loss treatments using the latest research in PRP. Our clinic has seen very good results with existing patients.

PRP Can:

  • Increase hair count
  • Improve hair thickness
  • Energize the hair cycle’s growth phase
  • Help prevent additional hair loss

Hair restoration enhanced with placental derivatives injections

PRP has produced fantastic results for many patients. But some patients may be eligible to further enhance PRP for even better results with Dr. John Laura’s placental derivative based therapies.  These cutting-edge therapies make use of natural concentrations of factors from perinatal tissues which naturally contain high concentrations of growth factors, cytokines, exosomes, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and extracellular vesicles that contain microRNA. 
Learn more about these revolutionary treatments to boost your hair restoration even further.

How does PRP for hair loss work?

Plasma is the part of your blood that is responsible for carrying proteins and hormones and delivering them to the cells in your body that need them. We supercharge this process by extracting plasma platelets from your blood and injecting them in your scalp. This can stimulate natural hair growth and strengthen existing hair follicles.

Treatment consist of three steps:

  1. Your blood is drawn by one of our certified nurses, usually from the arm.
  2. The blood is placed in a medical centrifuge to extract the plasma richest in platelets.
  3. Only your personal platelet-rich plasma is used. When it is ready, we inject it into the areas of your scalp you would like to revitalize and nourish.

Since your body recognizes the injected plasma as its own, the risk of an adverse reaction is low. PRP was first developed in the late 1970s and has been continually in use then, first in surgical procedures, and later in sports medicine. Its versatile applications and revitalizing effects have been well studied. It is now a common strategy in cosmetic treatments.

What to expect with your PRP hair loss treatments

Your PRP hair rejuvenation treatment will start with a consultation with Dr. John Laura who will determine whether you are an ideal candidate for this procedure or not. You will be advised against the use of vitamins, blood thinners, and certain medications for at least two weeks prior to the treatment. Dr. John Laura also advises against smoking or the consumption of alcohol at least three days before the procedure. These are precautionary measures to avoid possible side effects from the procedure.

The PRP hair rejuvenation treatment begins with some blood drawn from you, transferred to a tube, and placed in a centrifuge. Dr. John Laura will mark the area on your scalp where hair needs to be restored. The marked area on your head is cleaned using a disinfectant and numbed using local anesthesia. The plasma, which is rich in platelet is drawn into a syringe and injected into your scalp and the site is cleaned thoroughly again.

After the treatment, you will be advised to stop taking vitamins, blood thinners and other contraindicated medicines for three to seven days. The PRP hair rejuvenation treatment is a non-surgical treatment that takes just a few minutes of your time. You may experience some tenderness, a feeling of tightness and minimal pain in the area of the injection, but the result of this treatment is worth the applaud as it helps regrow and thicken existing hair follicles with no downtime and minimal discomfort.

Patients with male pattern baldness or a receding hairline and women with alopecia issues can consider PRP hair restoration as a viable alternative to surgical hair transplants in moderate cases. While each patient is different, on average most will need 3 to 4 treatments over the course of 4 to 6 weeks. New hair has a growth cycle of around 3 months. So results will be most noticeable after several growth cycles or around 6 to 12 months. 

A hair loss treatment that works for your friend may not work for you. Everyone is born differently and your reason for baldness may be different from others. Several reasons cause baldness such as:

  • Medications and supplements, including drugs used for cancer, depression, heart problems, high blood pressure, and such.
  • Radiation therapy to the head
  • Hormonal changes and medical conditions such as scalp infections and trichotillomania
  • Family history of baldness which usually occurs with aging and in predictable patterns
  • A stressful incident such as a physical or emotional shock. Hair loss caused by stress is temporary.
  • Excessive hair styling and hair treatments can cause inflammation of the hair follicles and lead to hair loss.

Apart from the causes mentioned above, your age, family history, your present health condition, and treatments taken can pose a threat and increase your risk of losing hair. Your treatment differs based on your general health, the health of your scalp, and the extent of hair loss.

Dr. John Laura has expertise in cosmetic dermatology and regenerative medicine. Before suggesting the PRP hair rejuvenation treatment, he will look through your medical history, present medical condition, medications, family medical history to determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate. You are eligible for the PRP hair rejuvenation treatment if:
  • You are not completely bald and have some hair
  • You do not take blood thinners or have medical conditions such as chronic skin disease, metabolic disorders, cancer, liver disease, platelet dysfunction syndrome among others
  • You do not consume alcohol regularly
  • You are a non-smoker and you do not take drugs.
Dr. John Laura may also recommend a scalp biopsy and blood tests to determine your eligibility for the treatment. He may advise against the treatment if he feels your present medical condition may cause any risk or side effects on your health. If you are a heavy smoker, drinker and you take drugs, you are advised against this treatment or to stop these practices several months before the treatment.

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