I am so happy with the results of my Microneedle treatment. I have had Microneedle treatments in the past but Dr. Laura used stem cells this time to boost the results. My skin is tighter and my pores are smaller. I have had so many complements on my skin since my last treatment. I could not be happier.


I am an active individual who had a back injury 18 years ago.   I experience chronic back pain.  Surgery was not an option for my injury.

I have know Dr. John Laura for 15 years and he has been conducting Stem Cell Therapy for six years.  His Stem Cells are regenerated and FDA approved.  I made a decision to have the stem cell procedure on my low back as well as Stem Cell infusion therapy.

 My overall health and well being significant improved!!!

  • Important to note this procedure is non-invasive with no Down Time. 
  • My results were immediate and the throbbing low back pain disappeared. 
  • My energy level and mental clarity significantly improved.

I visited Dr. John Laura for a PRP joint treatment. After one knee surgery I still have pain and swelling in the injured knee. A few PRP injections and some great advice from Dr. Laura about food and exercises that are good for joint pain and it no longer clicks when I walk. Literally almost an immediate fix.

After badly spraining my ankle in November of 2017, 4 months of rest and traditional physical therapy did not allow me to recover well enough to continue the regular activities of my active lifestyle, mainly due to swelling and pain.

After one treatment of stem cell therapy, directly injected into my ankle, I began to see significant improvement within two weeks. By four weeks after the treatment, I had considerably more mobility and flexibility throughout my ankle and lower calf. The daily swelling I experienced subsided as well.

Now, seven weeks after the stem cell treatment, I am completely back to normal. I have no pain or swelling, and I am able to resume all of my activities including cross-training, dance, pilates, and best of all- wearing all of my favorite pairs of heels. 

I went in 3 weeks ago, I was in tremendous pain in my left knee, and I told Dr. Laura that my orthopedic doctor advised a knee replacement. Dr. Laura explained to me a new procedure called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for joint repair.

Nurse Cristina painlessly withdrew my blood, it was spun, then Dr. Laura injected the healthy platelets back into my affected knee. Within 3 days, I went from limping to no pain! Its the best thing I've ever done for myself, and I'm so grateful that I have an amazing doctor who is now doing Regenerative Medicine. 

I have been going to Dr. John Laura for my Botox and Voluma treatment consistently because the procedure is incredibly well done the results are amazing. I feel so much younger and pretty. He has a great knowledge on his field and offers a vast variety of option to improve someone's appearance.

I have only had Botox and fillers (Juvaderm or Volume depending), but Christina is so knowledgeable and personable that she immediately puts me at ease.  I am 100% confident she knows what she's doing and I trust her judgement completely.  The whole office staff is very friendly.


The only doctor anyone should go to for Juvaderm or Voluma! Dr. John Laura is a true artist. Christina his RN is the most genuine and kindest person I've met. I love them and have had nothing but positive experiences every visit. I have been a patient for years and moved 500 miles away. He is worth the trip.


Being new to California I looked to find the BEST for of the best in cosmetic dermatology and was recommended by several different people to head to Dr. John Laura's office. I've now been there about 4x, and have left with results that completely exceeded my expectations. The facility is spotless, staff feels like family, and the results are painless and perfect! I'm a lifer!